Monday, September 6, 2010

Halloween Party Circles!!!

Halloween has hit the aisle at Target! Yippee! I love ALL the candy, costumes, decorations, haunted houses, carnivals, etc that October brings!!!! Even though Halloween is still almost 2 months away all of us party planners are in full swing. I just finished up the Halloween party circles for Cate's treats. Here is a sneak peek of the designs.....

As Halloween gets closer, I will share the recipes for the Spooky Kabobs, Halloween Pizza, Haunted Trail Mix, and other treats that Cate is bringing to her school party with the party circles as decoration. Be sure to visit the Etsy shop for your set of Halloween Party Circles! This set comes with four 2 inch designs for cupcakes and small favors and four 3 inch designs for larger favors, food labels, etc. We can even personalize the tags with your child's name for school favors, trick or treating, etc. Have a special Halloween idea or theme in mind? Let us know and we will custom design your favor tags to coordinate with your party.
Hope this sparks some fun ideas!

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