Thursday, May 26, 2011

Golf Banner Tutorial

YAY! I have been meaning to offer a tutorial for our banners and just have been swamped! I am so lucky that my "bloggie" friend Val from Crafty Go Lucky offered to create the Golf Banner Tutorial! Just in time for Father's Day too! Val, walks us through the steps of creating the banner and as a visual person I love the pictures!

If you ever have felt intimidated about using digital files, don't! All the work is done for you, and it is just a matter of downloading the files onto your computer and printing them out. You can either print them at home, or at a copy place. For this banner, I loaded them to my copy shop online, and just picked them up the next day.

The banner fits perfectly on standard paper, so now it is time to trim. To get a clean cut, I used my paper cutter. Once you get going, it won't take long to get everything trimmed down.

Next, stack a section of the banner and punch a hole on the top of each corner.

Now, time to add ribbon! Lay each triangle out, and start threading
your ribbon through each banner piece.

I have limited hanging space for banners, so my trick is to use the mini blinds to hang banners! Mini clothespins easily hold the banner up.

Pluff Mudd has been busy creating a lot of these banners lately! Graduation, Happy Summer, Retirement Parties, Father's Day, etc. They are an easy way to decorate for any event! Thanks Val for sharing this wonderful tutorial! Be sure you hop over to Crafty Go Lucky for lots more creative ideas!

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  1. Super fun tutorial Val! I want to try and make a banner while I'm off this summer. :)


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