Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Schultüte and Tutorial

I am always on the hunt for cute back to school ideas for the kids. Have you ever heard of a Schultüte? (I had to ask my dad, who speaks German, how to pronounce this like 10 times!!!) You are going to LOVE this adorable idea and tutorial!!!

A Schultüte, school cone, is a tradition in Germany where parents give their children a paper cone filled with treats and school supplies to celebrate the first day of school. (I actually think it is specifically for first grade, but I think it could be for any year!) I think this is a great way to ease some of the anxiety and get excited for the beginning of school!

Here is a VERY EASY tutorial, so you can make your own!!

Supplies for a Schultüte:
poster board
glue stick
heavy tape, I used packing tape
Decorations: I used cute polka dot wrapping paper to cover the poster board and stamped letters, but it could be decorated with paint, crayons, paper, stickers, whatever you think your child might like.
* tissue paper
* ribbon
* treats to fill the cone (school supplies, toys, candy, etc.)

1. Cut your poster board into a large traingle.
2. Cut the wrapping paper a little larger than the triangle. (I traced my poster board and just cut it a little larger.)

3. Wrap the poster board into a cone shape and tape with clear packing tape.
4. Wrap the decorative paper around the cone and tape.
5. With a glue stick or tape, put some glue all around the outside of the cone, about one inch from the top. Then holding the cone straight between your legs, attach the tissue paper to the outside of the cone. Be sure to start at the seam of the cone. This will keep the front pretty! :)
6. (Optional) Glue a piece of ribbon around the seam of the tissue paper to dress it up! I added a little orange ruffle to Cate's cone. I stamped letters to spell Cate's name.
7. Fill the cone with lots of goodies! I put in crayons, pencils, cookies, a new hair bow, markers, etc.)
8. Either push down the tissue paper into the cone or tie it closed with a ribbon. My tissue paper was large, so could push it down and "puff" it like a gift bag. You can also use a ribbon to tie it shut.

YAY! Your kids will LOVE it! I can not wait to post a picture of Cate and her friend Jack with their school cones!!

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  1. So cute! thanks so much for sharing. I need to do something for my little guy, I think he would love this! ♥ BJ


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