Monday, August 6, 2012

Up, Up, and Away!! Cate turns 3!!

Up, Up, and Away!! We celebrated Cate's third birthday party with a balloon theme this year! 

I am addicted to silhouettes lately, so I had to work that into the design of the invitation
My friend, Cara, helped me out with the little girl. Isn't she cute?!?!

The dessert table is always a BIG hit with the little ones and my favorite part of styling the party! 
I really wanted an awning this year, so my wonderful hubbie built this last minute! I am so lucky! I am already planning my next dessert table design, so I can use these again. 

The cake was FABULOUS! I sent the graphic to Melissa from Cake My Day and she nailed it! Cate wanted a strawberry cake and this was the best cake we have ever had.
 It was really moist and full of flavor. 

We served PB&J sandwiches in the shapes of balloons.

The cookie cutter I used to make the sandwiches was from Amazon.  I was not sure how well it would cut the bread, but it was amazing. Cate has been requesting all her sandwiches be in shapes now. :) 

 I used the balloon party circles to decorate all the serving pieces, etc. 

I had to think of a few activities that went along with a balloon theme for a group of 3 year olds! That was challenging. :) Especially since several of the girls were afraid of touching balloons because of the "pop" if it burst. I decided on a craft table! I even ordered crayons in the shapes of balloons! The kids used stickers, glitter sticks, and crayons to design their own balloon. 

The balloon artist was terrific. The adults were even requesting shapes.

Finally, Cate gave all her friends a goodie bag filled with balloon treats (balloon stickers, balloon shape crayons, balloon shape coloring book, etc.).

Next up, I will share the tutorial for making these balloon topiaries. :) 

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