Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cupcake Kabobs!

Cupcake kabobs anyone?!?!
It seems like kids will eat anything on a stick, so why not mix-up two favorites to make cupcake kabobs? These yummy sweets were a big hit at the pool party!

I found lots of inspiration from blogger buddies like these.....

(Photo courtesy of Wedding By Color)

(Photo courtesy of Cupcakes Take the Cake)

I had an ideal image in my head and these precious cupcake kabobs from Z as in Zebra were exactly what I was dreaming up! With a few minor adaptations our yummy pool party treats were whipped up for the sweets table. Here are the directions so you can make your own!

mini cupcakes decorated with sugar sprinkles
kabob skewers - (I used the larger skewers, but any size would work.)
candy - (I used these colorful gummy orange slices)

First, you need a batch of mini cupcakes. (I made my favorite lemonade cupcakes.) The pool party was full of vibrant colors, but yellow, blue, and green were the main featured colors of the dessert table. I dipped the top of the cupcakes in a mixture of warm milk and powdered sugar. Then, I dipped them in the colorful sugar sprinkles. You could use any color to fit your party color scheme.

I didn't want to repeat any colors, so I went ahead and "pre-planned" the order of the cupcakes and candy before I pushed them on the stick.

Carefully, slide the candy on the skewer followed by the mini cupcake. Keep rotating the candy and cupcakes until the skewer is full. I added 3 mini cupcakes and 4 pieces of candy.
Voila! Cupcake Kabobs!

I love this idea because they can fit any party theme and you can use any type of candy. The variations are endless. Wrap them up like Z as in Zebra and they are also perfect treats for a bake sale or class party. Hmmm... What else can I put on a stick?


  1. love this idea! great minds think alike. I just posted some lunch ideas and one was a sandwich on a stick~

  2. Great idea! I might have to do this for my daughters 1st bday (Madelyn's Monkey Luau) it would go great with the theme!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are adorable! Thanks so much for sharing!


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