Wednesday, August 25, 2010


One of my all time favorite breakfast foods has become Ebelskivers (AKA Aebleskivers)! I am addicted to Williams-Sonoma and of course this magic pan is one of their "gadgets" that I had to have. However, I usually lose interest in a lot of the gadgets and kitchen tools that I buy, but this one has won a place on the easy access shelf in my kitchen.
Ebelskivers are filled pancakes that are believed to have been invented by the Danish. One tale begins way back in the old days during the times of the Vikings. Since the luxury of pots and pans were not available during travel and at the camps during battle, the Vikings would use their dented up shields as a pan over a fire. This made little round balls of dough, similar to Ebelskivers. Sounds reasonable...
Ebelskivers can be sweet or savory and they can be served for any meal, as appetizers, or dessert! There are tons of recipes in the Ebelskivers cookbook sold at Williams-Sonoma, but you can also find plenty of free recipes on the Williams-Sonoma web-site.
I have made them with fruit in the center, bacon and cheese, goat cheese and sundried tomatoes. The possibilities are endless. However, my personal favorite are chocolate filled with a little powder sugar on top. YUMMY! You can purchase different batters like chocolate, plain, cornmeal, etc. and a variety of fillings at Williams-Sonoma. I have even made them with Nutella. :)

It seems like they would be complicated, but they are really easy and always a crowd pleaser. I like recipes and gadgets like this one that make people think.... "How did she.......?" Next time you are hosting a brunch or dinner party these would surely be a welcomed surprise for your guests!

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