Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reindeer Cookies for Santa!!!

I could not resist making the adorable red-nosed reindeer cookies that were in the December 2010 Parents Magazine!! I sent these cookies with Cate to her "school" party, our office cookie exchange, and a white elephant gift exchange and they were a HUGE hit. The best part was that they not only looked cute, but they tasted delicious.

Here is the VERY easy recipe:

Pillsbury's Simply Peanut Butter cookie dough
Chocolate covered mini-pretzels (I used Flipz.)
white cookie icing
mini baking chocolate morsels (The original recipe called for M&M minis, but I could not find them anywhere in brown. They were all red and green.)
Red M&Ms

1. Shape the cookie dough into triangles.
2. Bake according to the package directions.
3. While the cookies are still warm push the chocolate covered mini-pretzels on the top of each side to resemble the antlers.
4. Let the cookies cool on a wire rack.
5. To make the reindeer face attach the brown chocolate morsels for eyes and a red M&M for the nose with cookie icing. I pushed the pointed tip of the chocolate morsel into the icing and cookie, so the flat part was facing up for the eye. (I think that I would use red cookie icing for the nose next time.)


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  1. We just made these cookies, too. :) We divided the cookie dough in half for each cookie, though. :)


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