Monday, January 3, 2011

A Snowman that will NEVER melt!!

Val from Crafty Go Lucky, shares this precious craft tutorial with Pluff Mudd readers! I was lucky enough to stumble across Val's blog when I was planning Cate's first birthday party. She has given me lots of fabulous ideas, inspiration, and great advice! Thanks Val!

Of course, we need a snowman theme craft for our winter play date party!!! Here is a fun creative way to make your own snowman that will never melt!
You will need a few basic ingredients to make your snowman. For my
example I used two bars of Ivory soap and 2/3 of a cup of borax. You
will also need water, the amount will depend on the consistency that
you want of your "snow."

Shred your Ivory bars with a cheese shredder. Looks like snow already!
Now, add the Borax. Add small amounts of water until you get a thick
consistency that will be moldable. Go ahead, get your hands in there
mixing! Now, make your snowballs and build your snowman.

Here comes the fun part, decorating your snowman. I used the tip of an
orange crayon for the nose. Buttons, brads, ribbon are all great
decorations for your creation. Pipe cleaners make the arms. Let the
snowman dry overnight.

Thank you for joining me and Val in this fun snowman craft tutorial.
Be sure to check out Crafty Go Lucky for more fun ideas!!

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