Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sweet Candy Lei

Cate always brings treats to her class parties and play dates, especially when there is a holiday around the corner!!! I LOVE this idea for a candy lei! It is much more creative than a treat bag!! Plus, the kids can help out. I think this would be perfect for any holiday party, but especially Valentine's Day since it seems to be centered around sweets!

Candy and Treats (about 9 pieces per lei)
Saran Wrap

Oh yes, I snuck in raisins, fruit snacks, and goldfish!
Perfect for the younger ones and healthier for ALL!!!!

Cut the ribbon into 8 inch pieces. I like a lot of ribbon so I used 2 pieces between each piece of candy, which meant I needed 18 pieces.

Lay out the Saran Wrap in one long strip (about 40 inches long). I made mine extra long and just trimmed the ends.
Better than being too short and starting over.

Next, lay out the candy pieces along the Saran Wrap. I put the heaviest pieces in the middle. Keep at least an inch in between each piece of candy.
(I kind of wish I had put a little more space. I'll know for next time!)

Wrap the Saran Wrap around the pieces of candy.

Position the pieces of ribbon in between each piece of candy.
Then tie into knots.

When you get to the end just over lap the two pieces and twist them together. Then tie the ribbon extra tight. Voila! Your own Yummy Candy Lei!!!

Isn't my model cute?!? haha

I also think these would be perfect for an awards ceremony. Like a medal. hehe
Of course, the boys would prefer more manly colors. :)

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