Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cate's Cowgirl Party!!!!

YAY!! The party pics are here!!!! I am very lucky to have lots of photographers in my family! A special thanks to my sister-in-law Lynn, from Town and Country Photography, Uncle Marty, and my sweet husband for documenting this sweet occasion!

The idea of this party was inspired by a photograph of my mother-in-law riding a pony downtown Charleston and this old rocking horse. The rocking horse was actually built by Cate's great grandfather. Aunt Kim and Uncle Marty found it in the barn and cleaned up for Cate. :)

We could not resist these cowgirl boots either!!
We bought these before anything else! I was praying they would still fit and cheering when she LOVED them.

The cowgirl pink and brown theme dessert table was one of my favorite parts of the party! Who doesn't love a cupcake? This banner is part of the Pluff Mudd cowgirl party printables.

The cupcakes came from our favorite local bakery, Ashley Bakery. The cupcake toppers are part of the Pluff Mudd cowgirl printables.

Genevieve, from Posh Party Pretties, did a fabulous job using the Pluff Mudd printables to make the Kandy Kones. I filled them with yummy chocolate gold fish.

A local mom, Jaclyn from Cake Four Fun, made the cake and did an amazing job! I sent her a couple of pictures of the paper products and she created this adorable cake.

Of course the cookies came from Lisa over at The Cookie Jar! She has been my go to for cookies that match my party themes perfectly!

I was really lucky to have my friend, Tammy, make the cake pops for Cate's party. She did an amazing job! This was the talk of the dessert table. They were really moist and the perfect size.

We used a lot of decorations! The birthday countdown cake came from Holiday Snobette. There is a great tutorial on their blog! Cate loved seeing how many days until her birthday! This will be a new tradition for her birthday celebrations.

This wreath came from For Pete's Sake Pottery! Loved how perfectly it matched the theme! We like to kick the party off with a festive entrance!

This bear was my husband's when he was little and is a honorary guest at some of our parties! He was quite the sheriff for our cowgirl party! The cowgirl hats came from Party City and I added the ribbon and party circle to add a little jazz. :) The girls loved them!!

Since I planned the theme really early, I was able to pick-up these ponies for the Pony Corral in a big sale at local toy store going out of business. Cate loves to push the ears and make the horse "gallop" and "neigh".

The Waterin' Hole and Chuck Wagon were fun! It was REALLY hot, so there were plenty of cool drinks for the kids and adults!

The menu was simple with hot dogs, chips, baked beans, watermelon, etc. I loved the idea of the tin plates. :)

The tables were decorated with mini-bales of hay, mason jars of fresh flowers, and cowgirl theme items.

Cate was a little small for the pinata, but loved it when the other kids busted it open! There were lots of goodies inside. I included some bracelets and toys to prevent the sugar overload.

Yes, I even added a party circle to the pinata!

The kids took home lots of western goodies! My very sweet mother-in-law found the bandanas and cookies on her trip to Texas. They were perfect for our favor buckets. Check out the favor tags here!

We could not have a cowgirl theme party without making Bakerella's Cowgirl Cookies!

Our pug, Sophie Lu Lu, loved the pony. She followed the buggy and spent lots of time kissing the pony! It was too cute!

Cate rode the pony the entire 2 hours! She started out in the buggy and then rode on the saddle. It was precious!!


  1. Cate has gotten so big! Great party details--love that wreath

  2. I absolutely love this party! And love the pug too! ;)

  3. ADORABLE party.
    Do you mind sharing where you got those fabulous boots??!


  4. Hi!
    My mother in-law actually picked them up when she was in texas. However, I bought a very similar pair as back-up at Target.

  5. Hi! Great party! Could you please tell me where you purchased your foil plates? I can only find them for a $1 a piece, and I have an $80 person party.

    1. I am so sorry that my account came up with that name! I haven't used this account since I was about 16, and you can see how immature I was. Please Delete that.


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