Sunday, October 16, 2011

Witching Favors!!

Remember the Martha Stewart witch broom favors? I saw something similar in the Family Fun Magazine, which sparked my memory of an AMAZING Amy Atlas dessert table using these adorable favors!!
{Photo from Martha Stewart}

Well, here is my spin on the Family Fun version!!!
(I am glad Cate's friends are too young to read this blog! I am always giving away a sneak peek at her treats. I will have to be more sneaky when she gets older. :) )

Witch Broom Favors!!

Of course, I added a personalized Pluff Mudd Studio Witch Halloween Party Circle!

brown paper lunch bags
party favors (Since Cate's school is a healthy zone, I used Play Doh, spider rings, stickers, etc.)
stick (I pulled a few from the woods. You can buy little sticks from the gardening section of any home improvement center.)
Cute Ribbon

1. For each witch broom, use pinking shears or regular scissors to trip the top few inches of the brown paper bag.
2. Next, fill the bag halfway with treats.
3. Tie a piece of raffia around the bag about 2 or 3 inches down from the top of the bag.
4. Cut a hand full of raffia strands, so that they are the same length as the bag.
5. Use an additional piece of raffia to tie the pieces onto the bag. (I only put mine on the front of the bag, but you can do it all the way around.)
6. Add a personalized Witch Party Circle with a cute coordinating ribbon!!

I can not wait to see how excited her friends at school will be to get their special treat!

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