Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I have to admit that I am a cupcake junkie and I LOVE our local shop, Cupcake. I search for excuses to devour one of their delicious cupcakes!! This week we adventured to the King Street shop downtown after our Aquarium play date. Trips to the shop never get boring because there are always nine featured yummy flavors that include both the traditional flavors and some unique seasonal choices. I could not resist all the chocolate in this beauty, a Chocloate Tuxedo Cupcake.

One of my favorite pick me up gifts for friends and family are these sweet little cupcake tokens. What better way to say thanks for being sweet than a cupcake token??? Hmmm.. Halloween is coming and I think these would be perfect little treats!! Great spin on the gift card idea!!

You can't miss either of their signature cars either?? Doesn't it make you smile??

Cupcake also offers mini cupcakes, which I think are the perfect size for a "finger" food type party. You can also order a super-sized version that would feed a small dinner party. Yum Yum!! Visit their web-site for more details, especially the different options for cupcake parties. If you live in the Charleston or Columbia area, be sure to follow Cupcake on Twitter or Facebook for great discounts!!

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