Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hydrangea Cupcakes

One of my favorite flowers to cut from the yard and add to floral arrangements are hydrangeas! I keep adding different varieties of color, texture, and blooming season. The pink, blue, and purple color depend on the acidity of the soil, except for white hydrangeas which do not change. (Usually, the natural acidity of Charleston soil keeps the hydrangeas shades of blue and purple.) I bring them over in vases to dinner parties, deliver them to the secretaries in my office, place on the bedside table in guest room, had them in my wedding florals, etc. Here is a picture of them making a premier on my mantel at a baby shower I hosted.
(I think I am obsessed a little!!)
So you can bet that I am smitten with these Hydrangea cupcakes from Glorious Treats! The recipe for the chocolate cupcakes and the vanilla cream cheese frosting is available on her blog. Plus, detailed directions for making the beautiful petals. You must check it out!
Guess what tip she used to make those fabulous petals?
Our favorite, Wilton 2D!!!!

(Photos from Glorious Treats)

I can not wait for a luncheon, bridal shower, etc. to make these beauties!!
Thanks for sharing Glory!!

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  1. I just adore these beautiful cupcakes! I want to make them for my friend for her bachelorette party since her flowers are hydrangea! Where do I find the directions on how to make them?

    Thank you,


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