Friday, July 16, 2010

Super Sweets!

I LOVE our local Charleston parent magazine for so many reasons and the July issue did not disappoint. One of the feature stories included birthday themes and "Sensational Sweets". Of course I was drawn to the sweets, so here are several of my favorites....

"Pink Princess Cupcakes" by Barbara Beery was given to me as a gift and I have found a ton of ideas that are easy to replicate in this book.

I have a crush on animal prints and these wild cupcakes from Beery's book are so sassy!!! Wouldn't these be perfect for a Safari, Stylish Sweet Sixteen, or Jungle theme party?!? I am even thinking how I could work this in to a ladies night......Hmmm Cupcakes and Cocktails anyone???

"What's New Cupcake?" by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson has popped up everywhere and has been the inspiration for a lot of my party themes.

Cate has a play date at the aquarium coming up at the end of the summer. This is her outfit from Shrimp and Grits Kids. I love the smocked gold fish and guess what????

You guessed it.... there are cupcakes to match in this book!!!

I am not really a baker or that great at icing yet, but I love the pictures and ideas in the book "Confetti Cakes for Kids" by Elisa Strauss and Christie Matheson.

Hmmm - Are you inspired to run to Barnes and Noble or check out Amazon for these fantastic books?? I would love any other recommendations of your favorite sweets books.

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