Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Let's Toast!

My hubby and I were lucky enough to have a fabulous (baby free) dinner with the in-laws at Charleston Grill a few weeks ago. From the live jazz music to the delightfully innovative menu, the entire dining experience was extraordinary. As we waited on dessert, the sommelier (fancy word for wine expert!) sent out the sweetest Moscato d'Asti. It was a crisp refreshing slightly sparkling Italian wine from Strevi in Northern Italy. I LOVED it! Lucky for us, the waiter brought us the bottle to the table, so we could be sure to remember it for future celebrations. (Also, lucky for me, this wine is low in alcohol (5%).) This week I stopped in to our local Total Wine and sure enough, there was a great selection! I can not wait to bring this wine to our next dinner party. I like to offer to bring dessert and this wine will pair nicely. I also think it would be great for brunch or to to serve at a baby shower. Just as this wine is a sweet surprise, I think this wine monkey will make for a cute surprise too! Find it here!

While we are on the topic of wine.... I LOVE the idea of these locally made soy candles using recycled wine bottles. I snapped this photo with my cell phone at a local store, Open House. (wish it was more clear). I can't wait to light a few of these at our next dinner party. I also think this would be a great party favor for dinner guests or a hostess gift too.

I am a HUGE fan of buy local and I strongly support Etsy too. You can find these candles here on Etsy.

Happy shopping and drink up! It's time for a toast!

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