Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Pet-Peeve Solved - Azula!

Another pet peeve solved with a new favorite gadget!! I HATE when you sit by the pool and the bottom of your bathing suit gets picked and looks worn. (Especially since the condo we will be living in while waiting on our house to be ready has an amazing pool.)The Azula is a flexible, water resistant and fashionably-designed mat that women and girls place at the edge of the swimming pool to keep their bathing suits from snagging while sitting down. It is also great year-round for sitting on sports bleachers, working out, boating, gardening, water parks, the beach, children's use and more. There are some really cute designs! There is even one that says "time out" for those moments our little ones need some "thinking time". Plus, as always the creative ladies are local Charleston moms.

If you live in the Charleston area, you can pick one up at Southern Belles in Mt. Pleasant. You can also visit their web-site to order.

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