Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pet-Peeve Solved!

When it comes to cupcakes, one of my biggest pet-peeves is faded cupcake liners! You spend so much time baking and frosting the most delicious treats only to have the liners stained and faded.

Reynolds has solved our dilemma with their new line of Stay-Brite cupcake liners. The designs are backed with a traditional foil liner, so the pretty paper stays fresh and vibrant.

I love these rich damask patterns! Quirky pirates, curious monkeys, polka dots, swirls and many more designs are sure to find their way onto my dessert tables and parties.

Find them here. Can't wait to see your pictures of these fantastic gems.

Photos courtesy of Reynolds & No One Puts Cupcake in the Corner.


  1. How fun! I am going to have to check these out. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. your cupcakes look SO yummy! can i get the recipe somehow?

  3. These are great! I'm forever disappointed in pretty cupcake liners you can't appreciate once they are baked in. Thanks!


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