Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sweet Talk!

Being a classroom teacher before I became an Instructional Coordinator, I recognize the dedication of teachers. Grading papers at night, cutting and laminating, writing lesson plans, searching for engaging activities, etc. The job and our babies are always on their minds. Sending in a little sweet talk for teacher appreciation is a perfect inexpensive way to say thank you! I have used several of these ideas in the past to thank my teachers, but eighteen25 made the packaging much more attractive.
Simply cut your favorite patterned paper to fit in your printer, print these labels, and cut according to how you plan to showcase them. Download the labels here. Here are a few of the pics from eighteen25....

This label was punched with a circle punch and backed with a scalloped punched scrapbook paper. Then, tied onto the package of swedish fish with a bow. I am usually short on time and need to make between 50 - 80 of these, so I print the saying on label paper, punch, and attach to a package of goldfish.

Chocolate is always a BIG hit too! Who would not want to receive this adorable sweet treat?

This one is my favorite! I LOVE everything that smells sweet, so this is right up my alley. You could use this for any scented item, plug-ins, lotion, etc. Bath and Body Works here we come.

There are tons of cute "sayings" that align with snacks and sweets. These are some of my favorites!
• Kudos ® to You!
• You are worth 100 Grand ®!
• Thanks for all the laughs and Snickers ®
• You are Out of this World! (Mars ® or Milky Way ®)
• You Deserve a Sweet Escape ® for All You Do!
• Thanks for the Mounds ® of Work You Do!
• Hope your vacation is Carefree ® (Gum)
• You are M&M!!! (Marvelous and Magnificant)
• Students and Teacher Working Together Makes a Sweet Symphony ®!
• Thanks for putting up with us Ding Dongs ®!
• You are O'FISH'ally Awesome!(Gold Fish ® crackers)
• We Love You!!! XOXO (Hershey's Hugs and Kisses ®)
• You Deserve an Extra Payday ®!
• Thanks for always being willing to do EXTRA ®! (Gum)
• You are a JOY! (Almond Joy ®)
• We are NUTS about you
• You were "mint" to be a teacher
• Snack bag of chips with note "You're all that and a bag of chips!"
• Have a poppin' good weekend (popcorn)
• Thanks for pudding up with us. (Snack pudding)
• Have a Cracker Jack® of a summer!

These ideas can not only be used for teacher appreciation, but for any special person that needs a little recognition and sweet talk. Feel free to share your ideas for sweet talk and send us some pics too.

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